Maker in Focus | Rebecca Rendell

April 5 – May 8 2016


Rebecca Rendell is interested in exploration and discovery as an artistic
process, and believes that these activities are intuitive human actions born
from curiosity.

Rebecca collects small familiar objects, rescued souvenirs, and neglected
everyday materials. She likes to engage with the relationship between chaos
and order, and tries to induce a shift in the value of materials, asking; ‘What
does it mean to be precious?’

Rebecca Rendell 1

She invests thought and time to transform the identity of each object; it is a
subtle approach of grouping and taxonomy, and this process forms an
ongoing catalyst for her practice.


This current series explores remnants and tools on a micro-scale with a focus
on metals. It is a playful observation that aims to interpret some of the many
complex habits of the human condition. Lost zips and rescued metal
ephemera, form evidence of routines and characteristics, forgotten stories and
misplaced objects.



Charming bronze cast miniature forms, suspended on long fine golden chains.
The hand cast shapes are a familiar form, last seen fastening the jacket you
wore to an exciting city far away. Across many cultures, the wearing of lucky
charms is often thought to bring about good fortune. This minimal and unique
pendant was once a lost fastening, it carries a secret story, now it’s a precious
charm to treasure and carry on new adventures.

About Rebecca:

Originally from Swansea, Rebecca completed her Foundation Art & Design
course at Swansea Institute before moving to Winchester to study Textile Art
(BA). After her degree she worked for various artists including Damien Hirst,
she then moved to the Middle East for 4 years to continue her studio practise
and began teaching. In 2013, Rebecca gained her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea
College of Art, University of the Arts London.

Rebecca accomplished her first solo exhibition while based in Dubai.
The Continuous Cycle (2012) was hosted by Tashkeel Gallery.

Rebecca has exhibited in more than 30 group exhibitions internationally,
notably; Crossing the Line at Langford:120, Melbourne (2012) and The
Reflective Mirror at South Gallery, New York (2010) this came as a result of
winning the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award (2009) in Dubai.

Rebecca currently lives and works in Swansea.


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