New Designers 2015 and the search for Mission Gallery’s Graduate Showcase

New Designers 2015. Image by Rachael Leahy WEB

As part of my new role as Retail Assistant within the Mission Gallery  I was invited to accompany a colleague to Part One of the New Designers show 2015 in London.  The show gave me a whole new outlook on the possibilities and the innovation within contemporary craft and design.

The main objective in attending the show was to scout for recently graduated designers to exhibit within our annual Graduate Showcase. Having never been to New Designers before and not knowing what to expect, I was astounded at the size of the space and the volume of work to see. The show gave me a chance to develop and expand my knowledge of work created within the bracket of craft and design.

Through being trained within the discipline of Fine Art I’m used to talking about creative practice in a slightly different way, looking heavily on concept and how well the piece translates its ideas to the viewer. But the work within New Designers was a lot more functional and decorative, with items including clothing, ceramics, utensils, jewellery, etc. I was drawn and focused on asking more practical questions of durability, development of the product and why certain materials and processes were used within certain pieces. Having one to one conversations with the designers really made me connect to the work in a deeper way and gave me the opportunity to question and divulged into further detail of the ideas and making of their products.

With regards to the Graduate Showcase, it was a hard decision for my colleague and myself to choose between such a great group of talented individuals. Mission Gallery has a strong connection with contemporary craft and design and for the show we were focusing on artists, makers and designers who have showcased excellence within their specialised field; highlighting those that are pushing the boundaries of traditional concepts and ideas.

Watch this space for August 4th; you will certainly not be disappointed.

Written by: Rachael Leahy, Mission Gallery’s Retail Assistant


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