Art Walk #1 with Sarah Abbott

It’s the first Art Walk of the year at the Mission Gallery and I am looking forward to getting out into the environment. There is a small niggle inside my head about the weather. It’s been raining all morning but, who cares, it’s booked and ‘we’ or ‘me’ or how ever many people turn up are just going to go for it – well with sketch pads, a pencil case, bulging with just about everything, my Art Handbag! – emulsion paint, camera, finger-less gloves and sweets!

At 12 o’clock, I see a pair of pink wellies at the gallery door. Yes! Some enthusiastic walkers have turned up. Inspired by the current CIVIC exhibition I thought it might be interesting to look at how architecture is placed alongside the natural landscape. How it sits. Where edges merge and meet. We set off and didn’t have to go very far to be inspired.

An urban sculpture reminiscent of Rachel Whiteread’s work.







Heightened colour through drops of rain.Subtle shades of the buildings provide a backdrop for a tree .just in bud ,fresh green for Spring .
Heightened colour through drops of rain. Subtle shades of the buildings provide a backdrop for a tree. Just in bud, fresh green for Spring.

When a group of creative minded people get together things happen!

Finding a spot on the beach provides a good location for some spontaneous sketching.

Quick Ideas


Down on Paper



The Rain Comes

The Observatory provides a bit of shelter as two loyal walkers stay behind with me so I can get just one more sketch done, as the sand blows up filling pencil case, clothes and providing an interesting texture to the art work.

We pack up and head back to the Mission Gallery for a cuppa.


We talk.

Look at the mornings work and share our ideas together.

How can we stay motivated as artists?

How can we meet other creative people?

Our own personal artistic journey and

Work/Art/Life balance


Its been a rewarding exchange for all of us!

In a hot bath

I crunch

On the


Occasional Grain



Art is for Sharing!

Art is for Everyone!


So why not come along to the next Mission Gallery Art Walk held every month.

See the Events page on our website for forthcoming dates.


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