Book Crossing with Kathryn Faulkner

Book crossing is the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise after they have read the book. The finder identifies the book by registering its unique number at and so the book can be tracked in its future journeys across the world. The Book Crossing continues in Mission Gallery this week.

ImageBook Crossing at Mission Gallery

Kathryn Faulkner

Kathryn Faulkner is the second keeper of Bella Kerr’s exhibition at Mission Gallery and she began her week with a Book Crossing event on Sunday 14th March. This highly successful event sought to encourage people to donate a book from their own collection and to choose one from those that had been donated by others.

As keeper, Kathryn is inviting dialogue with avid readers and will generate personal bibliographies for visitors. Each 25 minute consultation will also generate a pinhole camera photograph. Please book an appointment with the gallery.

ImageKathryn Faulkner (far right)

Kathryn will be in Mission Gallery from Tuesday 16th April until Friday 19th April.

Bella Kerr

Bella Kerr took occupation of the gallery space for the first two weeks initiating reading and  making narratives through interaction with our visitors and the books and objects in the space.

During the first week, the Friends of Mission Gallery were invited to share a piece of writing from poetry, to quotes, even a line from a song or a page from a book.

ImageFriends of Mission Gallery literary sharing

The second week invited young children to create narratives inspired by the objects in Bella’s exhibition and inspired by their own dreams through drawing and storytelling. 

ImageDrawing Stories Workshop

With four more weeks to go and a multitude of inspiring activities and events to take place in the meantime, join in and have a look at the timetable for the exhibition available on our website and Facebook page:


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