Holbrooks Films | …Entertainingly Dark and Dry

One of our most talked about profiles on the[…]space this year was in July when we asked Daniel Gray to submit a show-reel for the very talented Holbrooks Films team.

Daniel is an animator, artist, illustrator and writer. With BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from University of Wales, Cardiff and Animation from University of Wales, Newport. Daniel’s career has followed his love of ideas, grounded in fine art practice. Utilising drawing as a tool to create memorable work, Daniel creates alternate animated worlds where ‘happy endings aren’t restricted to a smile and people are allowed to be intelligent’.

Daniel has been producing  stylish commercials, short animations and viral pieces with co-director Tom Brown since Holbrooks’ inception in Newport, South Wales (2007). Holbrooks are represented in the UK by Picasso Pictures; North America by Blacklist and have international reputation including London, New York and Budapest.

In July we presented a show-reel put together by Daniel, which included, ‘t.o.m’ the animation which launched the careers of the Holbrooks team. Created at the University of Wales, t.o.m went on to win 28 International Film Awards.
We asked Daniel, what Holbrooks were currently working on and he allowed us a sneak preview of their latest short film, ‘Teeth’.

It’ll be around 6 mins long when finished. The story itself is a Holbrooks original and is about a man who grows up with a narrow, wandering and as a result destructive view on his world. And we’ve been assured,  ‘It’ll be entertainingly dark and dry, as is the Holbrooks bent‘.

We’re really looking forward to the finished piece next year and when we see it hitting the film festivals, we’ll be proud to announce, that we saw it here first!



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