The Shipwreck | with curator Owen Griffiths

The Shipwreck | Aled Simons | Photography credit: Inger Richenberg

18 Jan 2012
A recorded excerpt from: Owen Griffiths’ talk to students from the University of Wales in Cardiff.  In this brief excerpt Owen Griffiths talks about his curatorial relationship with the artist Aled Simons.

[apologies for colourful language] 

If this has you interested in knowing more about The Shipwreck, an ‘in conversation’ with Owen Griffiths and Aled Simons will take place 2pm on Saturday [21st Jan 2012] at Supersaurus studio, Madison House, 34 Orchard Street, Swansea, SA1 5AW. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

Supersaurus is two minutes walk from Swansea Train Station. It is situated on the ground floor of a block of flats with red railings outside (and balconies above). The studio is on Orchard Street which runs parallel to Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. Map

R-L Amanda Roderick, Owen Griffiths, Hannah Kelly | Photography credit: Inger Richenberg

The Shipwreck

A two-week exhibition offered to Aled Simons to go beyond the boundaries of his practice; we’re delighted with The Shipwreck and the public’s response.

Winner of Welsh Artist of the Year Mixed Media Award 2011, Aled Simons, is predominantly known for his use of collage, screen print, digital media, musical performance and humour to explore the converging of the unfamiliar within the familiar. A focus on experiences, memories and past, leads to the contemplation of unknown futures and perceived constants at times cultivating a post apocalyptic atmosphere. Imagery can be recognised as Ten Thousand Yen label’s initial run of screen printed records; Aled Simons is a former Swansea Metropolitan University student and is based in Swansea and part of the Artist & Studio Collective, Supersaurus.

Centering around a collective perception and experience of past, present and future ‘The Shipwreck’ is a collection of found discarded household doors.  These universally recognizable features create corridors and pathways, the evidence of their previous lives form a landscape of universal space, history and memories.  The process focuses on the notion of a constant search.  Reclaiming and re-forming.  Surrounding ones self with collections and fragments of the past to create a new, universal whole.  Illuminating forgotten dreams, reuniting old friends and foretelling the apocalypse.

Owen Griffiths curator of The Shipwreck talking to UWIC students | Photography credit: Inger Richenberg



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