In love with Mission Gallery | Becky Adams

Becky Adams | Lamp and Moth
Becky Adams | Lamp and Moth

Name: Becky Adams

Relationship with Mission Gallery?: Exhibited Artist, Workshop Leader, Inspiration, Dear friend

Do you love Mission Gallery?:
I love the Mission Gallery, it is a gem within the Welsh Arts that must be cherished. The applied arts on display in the shop are always well chosen, beautiful, inspiring. Often things glitter and catch  the light – a magical place for those with a magpie soul such as mine. Yet behind the glittering is a quiet and compelling space that resonates with history and contemplation. It is a wonderful space that seems to bless each exhibition with an unusual light and grace.

Becky Adams installation at Mission Gallery May 2011
The Curious World of Becky Adams | Mission Gallery | May 2011

How did you feel when asked to exhibit, ‘The Curious World of Becky Adams’ at Mission Gallery?:
I was absolutely delighted to be asked to exhibit there, and every visit since has felt a little like coming home. There is something very special about the place, a strange sort of magic.

Becky Adams Textiles Pocket Book Workshop at Mission Gallery 2011
Becky Adams Workshop | Nov 2011

We’re glad you feel that way Becky as we like having you come to visit!:
Each and every workshop that I have run there has resulted in meeting such lovely and gentle folk. I wish there were more places like Mission Gallery, but recognise both the gallery itself and the wonderful staff who run it are one of a kind.



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