In love with Mission Gallery: Nicolas William Hughes

Nicolas William Hughes
Nicolas William Hughes

Name: Nicolas William Hughes

Relationship with Mission Gallery?: Ex volunteer, Exhibited Artist, Friend

What are your favourite memories of Mission Gallery?: Oh there are so many; helping out with so many good exhibitions, meeting lots of Artists I admire and thanks to the gallery I can now call my friends, working with the artist Anton Goldenstein setting up his fantastic exhibition in 2009, having long chats with Jane and Amanda. Working at the mission helped me to meet some of the best people I have ever met and has given me so many opportunities. 

What have you been up to since you left Mission Gallery?: I started my MA in 2009, I have been focusing on my practice, and I have exhibited in Swansea,Bristol and as far as Berlin. But to be honest I don’t think you can ever leave the Mission Gallery if you have been part of it. So many people I know who have been a volunteer over the years are in some way still connected to the gallery. The Mission Gallery is a place that stays with you; I will always feel part of the Mission Gallery.

What are you up to now?: I finished my MA this year, since then I have gone on to a good post with another Welsh gallery in Cardiff. I have been also focusing on my career as an artist and have a group show coming up, as well as a residency in April 2012. I am aiming on gaining some other residencies in Europe.

How did your time at Mission Gallery help you with your professional development?: Greatly, as I mentioned earlier I have met so many people through the gallery at private views etc, some of these people have become good friends. Having both Jane Phillips and Amanda [Amanda Roderick – appointed Director of Mission Gallery 2011] giving me their advice and help since I finished my degree has been a godsend and I am so grateful to them both. Jane gave me some of the best advice I have ever had. I was given great opportunities whilst volunteering at the gallery, which gave me insight to how a contemporary art space is run. I had the great opportunity of exhibiting in the gallery in September this year, which was a great honour.

Nicolas William Hughes | Tweeter

I can’t count how much being a part of mission gallery has helped me, but I can say without question that I would not be where I am in my career without the aid of Mission Gallery, and especially Amanda and Jane both are/have been great assets to the Welsh art scene as a whole. The whole Welsh art scene and I sorely miss Jane.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you as a volunteer at Mission Gallery?: There were so many funny moments, there was never a dull moment when you were working with Jane Phillips. I think one thing that should be remembered would be when I was sent to the shop to buy a bunch of daffodils for Saint David’s day, with stupidity I bought a big bunch of tulips by mistake, I remember Jane and Amanda taking the mick out of me for weeks after that.

Sausage sandwich or bacon sandwich?: I will have a mixture of sausage and bacon.

[a little bird tells us you’re a great cook Nicolas, so we’ll have ours with egg too!]

Do you love Mission Gallery?: Yes very much!


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