Cathexis | an installation at Mission Gallery in 2007 by Anna Lewis.
Filmed and edited by Steve Sullivan and Chris Holtom.
Music by Thomas Newman, Any Other Name.


Cathexis; an attachment or transfer of emotional energy and significance onto and into an object, idea or person.

At Mission Gallery, we have been experiencing Natalia Dias’ Vida e Morte. The slow decay of porcelain has provoked viewers to talk about  the boundaries of what ‘craft’ or ‘applied art’ should mean to the maker. Most makers spend years refining their work to create objects that stand the test of time; objects that enrich the lives of the buyer. Natalia Dias has embraced the challenge of taking a risk; pushing her practice to create an installation within Maker in Focus.

Mission Gallery have always been at the forefront of challenging the boundaries that exist between visual art, applied art and craft. As we experience Vida e Morte, we are reminded of Mission Gallery’s first initiative to challenge makers and designers to consider working outside of their usual practice and scale to create a site-specific installation. Anna Lewis was the first artist to respond to the challenge with her first solo exhibition, Cathexis. 

Cathexis is still one of the most talked about exhibitions at Mission Gallery. Anna Lewis responded to Mission Gallery’s challenge by presenting  over 3000 suspended wooden birds embellished with pattern, which swarmed throughout the building.  It had several layers of symbolic meaning which included prayers and wishes, memories and memorial, superstitions and fragmented narratives.  These symbolic associations underlined a more personal theme of loss and fragility, as ‘Cathexis’ was also a delicate memorial to Anna’s Grandmother. 

It’s now 4 years on and Anna is still represented by Mission Gallery and we have really been enjoying following Anna’s current progress with her ongoing collaboration Seven Everything with fashion photographer Elliot Davies.

With thanks to the support and talent of the artists we work with like Anna Lewis, Natalia Dias and so many more, Mission Gallery has developed a reputation for dynamic and distinctive programming, to present excellence across the visual arts, applied arts and craft, from across Wales and beyond. It’s an exciting time at Mission Gallery, with so many amazing opportunities lined up. When we look across the portfolio of artists we have had the privilege of working with, those who have embraced the ethos of Mission Gallery, we know that there are so many good things to come…


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