25th – 29th July 2011 | Graduate Show Reel 2011

Philip Cheater | ‘Subsection 9: Dazzle Camouflage’ Household Paint and Vinyl Tape, 2011
Philip Cheater | ‘Subsection 9: Dazzle Camouflage’ Household Paint and Vinyl Tape, 2011

A selected show case of New Fine Art graduates from Swansea Metropolitan University

Philip Cheater
Nicole Cluckie
Sophie Elliott
Helen Jones
Alexander Owen
Cerys Thomas
Marie Whitby
Ceri Wozencroft
Amanda Roderick – Director at Mission Gallery, was guest speaker for the opening of the 2011 BA Fine Art Degree Show, NEXus. It was a fantastic success and a night enjoyed by all. NEXus highlighted three years of complete freedom, creativity, imagination and experimentation. The show reel of selected artists presented in the[…] space demonstrates the intensive hard work, diversity, dedication and experimentation that this years graduates presented.
Swansea Metropolitan University Graduate Show Reel 2011
Sophie Elliott | ‘Untitled (Monoprint #2)’ Monoprint, 50cm x 35cm, 2011

What impressed me was the diversity, the freshness and energy. Students challenged themselves, pushed boundaries in every way possible and with every material imaginable. I discovered work which was poetic, poignant, clever and exquisite. The students should be proud.
– Amanda Roderick

The pressure that can come with graduating doesn’t just stop at ‘what next’ in regards to futures and careers, it is often a demanding transition from living away to moving home. There’s some good advice around on the issues around moving home, an article written last year from Cardiff Digs about the issues students face is found here and is relevant to all graduating students across the UK.

It can be both an exciting and daunting time for students. It can be tough, but I hope all of the students remember the excellent training, support and advice they received at Swansea Metropolitan University. The students were nurtured by dedicated and supportive technicians and teaching staff, many are artists in their own right and I would like to offer my congratulations for the exciting degree show of 2011 to those individuals as well. 
– Amanda Roderick

We’d like to wish all the graduates success in their futures and as Mission Gallery also enters a new phase of development, we hope many will keep in touch and get involved with the opportunities we have to offer.


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